Venetia Zachariou, PhD
img_Venetia Zachariou
Research Topics
Addiction, Behavioral Health, Brain, Depression, Epigenetics, Gene Therapy, Knockout Mice, Membrane Proteins/Channels, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Obesity, Opioid/Cannabinoid Receptors, Pain, Pharmacology, Protein Complexes, Signal Transduction, Spinal Cord, Synaptic Plasticity, Systems Neuroscience, Tolerance, Transcription Factors, Transgenic Mice
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics (DMT), Neuroscience [NEU]
Research Areas:
  • The function of signal transduction complexes in the striatum in drug addiction
  • Regulation of G protein signaling in chronic stress and antidepressant treatment
  • Novel intracellular targets for the treatment of chronic pain
  • Epigenetic adaptations in neuropathic and inflammatory pain
  • The role of the brain reward center in chronic pain and its treatment