Steven T Moore, PhD
img_Steven T Moore
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Neuroscience [NEU]

Specific Clinical/Research Interest:
posture and gait; vestibular system; effects of spaceflight; Parkinson's disease (locomotor assessment)

Postdoctoral Fellows: Valentina Dilda; Bandar Hakim

The Human Aerospace Laboratory is funded primarily by NASA and focuses on the effects of extended microgravity exposure on sensorimotor function. Current projects include simulation of the effects of spaceflight using Galvanic vestibular stimulation and assessment of shuttle pilot performance. In addition, we have adapted the technology developed for these NASA projects for use in ambulatory assessment of gait and freezing in Parkinson's disease (translation research funded by NIH/NINDS).
Summary of Research Studies:
My laboratory is funded primarily by NASA and focuses on the effects of microgravity exposure on sensorimotor function. We are currently working on two main projects: 1) head-eye coordination during simulated shuttle landings in the shuttle training simulator at NASA Ames Research Center, using Galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS - transmastoidal electrical stimulation of primary vestibular afferents via surface electrodes) to simulate the sensorimotor deficits engendered by exposure to microgravity; 2) ambulatory assessment of gait and freezing in Parkinson's disease.

PhD, University of New South Wales, Australia University of Sydney

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