Stefano Pallanti, MD, PhD
img_Stefano Pallanti
Dr. Pallanti's most recent interested is  Clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS / deep TMS ) in adult and young adult with Resistant disorders,Depression Bipolar nd Psychotic disorders  including Schizophrenia spectrum, Prodromal, early Onset,   treatment of Resistant Hallucination, treatment of Negative and Cognitive Symptoms in Schizophrenia and treatment of Resistant OCD-Impulsive Spectrum Disorder, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Anxiety, OCD  spectrum disorders including Pathological Gambling and other Behavioral Addiction and Impulse Control.

Dr. Pallanti's role within the Department of Psychiatry has included organizing and directing Mount Sinai's Center of Excellence for OCD, impulsive, and behavioral addiction.  Under his leadership as Director, the Center broke into new ground with its cutting-edge approaches to treatment and an innovative blend of therapeutic programs, research and educational activities.

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MD, Florence University

Florence School of Medicine

Florence School of Medicine

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Dr. Pallanti has not yet completed reporting of Industry relationships.

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