Shirish S Huprikar, MD
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PROFESSOR | Medicine, Infectious Diseases
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Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine
Research Summary
Dr. Huprikar's research interest include solid organ transplantation in HIV-infected patients, the prevention and management of post-transplant CMV and fungal infections and resistant bacterial pathogens in transplant candidates and recipients.

MD, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

BA, Northwestern University

Residency, Internal Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital

Fellowship, Infectious Disease, Mount Sinai Hospital


Solomon Silver Award in Clinical Medicine

Mount Sinai School of Medicine


Selected Publications

National Landscape of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Positive Deceased Organ Donors in the United States. William A. Werbel, Diane M. Brown, Oyinkansola T. Kusemiju, Brianna L. Doby, Shanti M. Seaman, Andrew D. Redd, Yolanda Eby, Reinaldo E. Fernandez, Niraj M. Desai, Jernelle Miller, Gilad A. Bismut, Charles S. Kirby, Haley A. Schmidt, William A. Clarke, Michael Seisa, Christos J. Petropoulos, Thomas C. Quinn, Sander S. Florman, Shirish Huprikar, Meenakshi M. Rana, Rachel J. Friedman-Moraco, Aneesh K. Mehta, Peter G. Stock, Jennifer C. Price, Valentina Stosor, Shikha G. Mehta, Alexander J. Gilbert, Nahel Elias, Michele I. Morris, Sapna A. Mehta, Catherine B. Small, Ghady Haidar, Maricar Malinis, Jennifer S. Husson, Marcus R. Pereira, Gaurav Gupta, Jonathan Hand, Varvara A. Kirchner, Avinash Agarwal, Saima Aslam, Emily A. Blumberg, Cameron R. Wolfe, Kevin Myer, R. Patrick Wood, Nikole Neidlinger, Sara Strell, Marion Shuck, Harry Wilkins, Matthew Wadsworth, Jennifer D. Motter, Jonah Odim, Dorry L. Segev, Christine M. Durand, Aaron A.R. Tobian, Dominque Piquant, Katherine Link, Marion Hemmersbach-Miller, Thomas Pearson, Nicole Turgeon, G. Marshall Lyon, William Kitchens, Jeryl Huckaby, A. Francie Lasseter, Rivka Elbein, April Roberson, Elizabeth Ferry, Ethan Klock, Willa V. Cochran, Michelle Morrison, Sarah Rasmussen, Juli Bollinger, Jeremy Sugarman, Angela R. Smith, Margaret Thomas, Margaret Coakley, Joseph Timpone, Alyssa Stucke, Brandy Haydel, Rebecca Dieter, Elizabeth J. Klein, Henry Neumann, Lorenzo Gallon, Leah Goudy, Michelle Callegari, Ilise Marrazzo, Towanda Jackson, Timothy Pruett, Mary Farnsworth, Jayme E. Locke, Darnell Mompoint-Williams, Katherine Basinger, Kristin Mekeel, Phirum Nguyen, Joanne Kwan, Tab Srisengfa, Peter Chin-Hong, Rodney Rogers, Jacques Simkins, Carlos Munoz, Ty Dunn, Dierdre Sawinski, Fernanda Silveira, Kailey Hughes, Diana Lynn Pakstis, Jamie Nagy, Mary Baldecchi, Thangamani Muthukumar, Melissa D. Eddie, Katharine Robb, Elizabeth Salsgiver, Britta Witting, Marwan M. Azar, Merceditas Villanueva, Richard Formica, Ricarda Tomlin. Clinical Infectious Diseases

HOPE in action: A prospective multicenter pilot study of liver transplantation from donors with HIV to recipients with HIV. Christine M. Durand, Sander Florman, Jennifer D. Motter, Diane Brown, Darin Ostrander, Sile Yu, Tao Liang, William A. Werbel, Andrew Cameron, Shane Ottmann, James P. Hamilton, Andrew D. Redd, Mary G. Bowring, Yolanda Eby, Reinaldo E. Fernandez, Brianna Doby, Nazzarena Labo, Denise Whitby, Wendell Miley, Rachel Friedman-Moraco, Nicole Turgeon, Jennifer C. Price, Peter Chin-Hong, Peter Stock, Valentina Stosor, Varvara A Kirchner, Timothy Pruett, David Wojciechowski, Nahel Elias, Cameron Wolfe, Thomas C. Quinn, Jonah Odim, Megan Morsheimer, Sapna A. Mehta, Meenakshi M. Rana, Shirish Huprikar, Allan Massie, Aaron A.R. Tobian, Dorry L. Segev, Marcus Pereira, Dominique Piquant, Carolyn Edwards, Karthik M. Ranganna, Katherine Link, Thomas Pearson, Aneesh K. Mehta, G. Marshall Lyon, William Kitchens, Jeryl Huckaby, Rivka Elbein. American Journal of Transplantation

A prospective multicenter pilot study of HIV-positive deceased donor to HIV-positive recipient kidney transplantation: HOPE in action. Christine M. Durand, Wanying Zhang, Diane M. Brown, Sile Yu, Niraj Desai, Andrew D. Redd, Serena M. Bagnasco, Fizza F. Naqvi, Shanti Seaman, Brianna L. Doby, Darin Ostrander, Mary Grace Bowring, Yolanda Eby, Reinaldo E. Fernandez, Rachel Friedman-Moraco, Nicole Turgeon, Peter Stock, Peter Chin-Hong, Shikha Mehta, Valentina Stosor, Catherine B. Small, Gaurav Gupta, Sapna A. Mehta, Cameron R. Wolfe, Jennifer Husson, Alexander Gilbert, Matthew Cooper, Oluwafisayo Adebiyi, Avinash Agarwal, Elmi Muller, Thomas C. Quinn, Jonah Odim, Shirish Huprikar, Sander Florman, Allan B. Massie, Aaron A.R. Tobian, Dorry L. Segev. American Journal of Transplantation

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