Schahram Akbarian, MD, PhD
img_Schahram Akbarian
PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences
PROFESSOR | Neuroscience
PROFESSOR | Psychiatry
Research Topics
Depression, Schizophrenia
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics (DMT), Neuroscience [NEU]
Dr. Akbarian’s research interests include epigenetic determinants of normal and diseased human brain development, with implications for the neurobiology of major psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, autism and depression. This work is largely focused on charting DNA and histone modification landscapes, and more generally, genome organization, in specific cell types from brain. These clinical studies are complemented by preclinical research, exploring novel avenues for treatment of psychiatric disease in cell cultures and animal models with specific mutations in proteins regulating chromatin and chromosomal architectures.

Key words: nucleosome, epigenome, histone methylation, neuronal nucleus, prefrontal cortex, mood disorder, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder

Selected Publications

A common flanking variant is associated with enhanced stability of the FGF14-SCA27B repeat locus. David Pellerin, Giulia F. Del Gobbo, Madeline Couse, Egor Dolzhenko, Sathiji K. Nageshwaran, Warren A. Cheung, Isaac R.L. Xu, Marie Josée Dicaire, Guinevere Spurdens, Gabriel Matos-Rodrigues, Igor Stevanovski, Carolin K. Scriba, Adriana Rebelo, Virginie Roth, Marion Wandzel, Céline Bonnet, Catherine Ashton, Aman Agarwal, Cyril Peter, Dan Hasson, Nadejda M. Tsankova, Ken Dewar, Phillipa J. Lamont, Nigel G. Laing, Mathilde Renaud, Henry Houlden, Matthis Synofzik, Karen Usdin, Andre Nussenzweig, Marek Napierala, Zhao Chen, Hong Jiang, Ira W. Deveson, Gianina Ravenscroft, Schahram Akbarian, Michael A. Eberle, Kym M. Boycott, Tomi Pastinen, Bernard Brais, Stephan Zuchner, Matt C. Danzi, Emily Bateman, Chelsea Berngruber, Fabio Cunial, Colleen P. Davis, Huyen Dinh, Harsha Doddapaneni, Kim Doheny, Shannon Dugan-Perez, Tara Dutka. Nature Genetics

tRNA epitranscriptomic alterations associated with opioid-induced reward-seeking and long-term opioid withdrawal in male mice. Jennifer Blaze, Caleb J. Browne, Rita Futamura, Behnam Javidfar, Venetia Zachariou, Eric J. Nestler, Schahram Akbarian. Neuropsychopharmacology

Transcriptomic sex differences in postmortem brain samples from patients with psychiatric disorders. Yan Xia, Cuihua Xia, Yi Jiang, Yu Chen, Jiaqi Zhou, Rujia Dai, Cong Han, Zhongzheng Mao, Chunyu Liu, Chao Chen, Schahram Akbarian, Alexej Abyzov, Nadav Ahituv, Dhivya Arasappan, Jose Juan Almagro Armenteros, Brian J. Beliveau, Jaroslav Bendl, Sabina Berretta, Rahul A. Bharadwaj, Arjun Bhattacharya, Lucy Bicks, Kristen Brennand, Davide Capauto, Frances A. Champagne, Tanima Chatterjee, Chris Chatzinakos, Yuhang Chen, H. Isaac Chen, Yuyan Cheng, Lijun Cheng, Andrew Chess, Jo Fan Chien, Zhiyuan Chu, Declan Clarke, Ashley Clement, Leonardo Collado-Torres, Gregory M. Cooper, Nikolaos P. Daskalakis, John F. Fullard, Kiran Girdhar, Vahram Haroutunian, Gabriel E. Hoffman, Alex Kozlenkov, Donghoon Lee, Dalila Pinto, Towfique Raj, Panos Roussos, Robert Sebra, Georgios Voloudakis, Biao Zeng. Science Translational Medicine

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