Ruben E Olmedo, MD
img_Ruben E Olmedo
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Emergency Medicine
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Emergency Medicine
Research Topics
Neurotoxicology, Opioid/Cannabinoid Receptors
Illicit Drug Use and Dependance

My research interest lies in all aspects of illicit drug use, dependence, tolerance and withdrawal and in the critical care of the poisoned patient. The Division of Toxicology is currently engaged in phase 2 clinical trial with the Department of Neuroscience in using cannabidiol for reduction of craving in opioid dependence. 

MD, Yeshiva University Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Residency, Internal Medicine, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

Residency, Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein/Jacobi-Montefiore Emergency Medicine

Fellowship, Medical Toxicology, Bellevue Hospital Center


American Board of Emergency Medicine


Teacher of the Year

Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency


Customer Service Red Carpet Team Award

Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine


Teacher of the Year

Mount Sinai Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency


Selected Publications

Rapid deployment of an emergency department-intensive care unit for the COVID-19 pandemic. Sean Hickey, Kusum S. Mathews, Jennifer Siller, Judah Sueker, Mitali Thakore, Deepa Ravikumar, Ruben E. Olmedo, Jolion McGreevy, Roopa Kohli-Seth, Brendan Carr, Evan S. Leibner. Clinical and Experimental Emergency Medicine

Correction to: The Toxicology Investigators Consortium Case Registry—The 2017 Annual Report (Journal of Medical Toxicology, (2018), 14, 3, (182-211), 10.1007/s13181-018-0679-z). Lynn A. Farrugia, Sean H. Rhyee, Sharan L. Campleman, Bryan Judge, Louise Kao, Anthony Pizon, Lauren Porter, Anne M. Riederer, Timothy Wiegand, Diane P. Calello, Paul M. Wax, Jeffrey Brent, Da Algren, D. Alwasiyah, Ga Beauchamp, Y. Bentur, Aj Berman, Mc Beuhler, R. Biary, C. Bonney, Kl Boyle, Rc Bruccoleri, Mm Burns, A. Cahana, Rd Cannon, Em Caravati, J. Carey, T. Chiba, M. Christian, Md Cook, K. Cumpston, A. Davis, W. Dribben, Bh Eisenga, Y. Eldos, Dm Falkowitz, A. Farkas, Y. Finkelstein, E. Fisher, Ba Froberg, M. Ganetsky, F. Garlich, Aj Geib, M. Gittinger, R. Gorodetsky, Sc Greene, K. Hart, Rg Hendrickson, S. Hernandez, R. Olmedo. Journal of Medical Toxicology

The Toxicology Investigators Consortium Case Registry—the 2016 Experience. Lynn A. Farrugia, Sean H. Rhyee, Diane P. Calello, Sharan L. Campleman, Anne M. Riederer, Hannah R. Malashock, Anthony Pizon, Timothy Wiegand, Paul M. Wax, Jeffrey Brent, S. E. Aks, D. A. Algren, D. Alwasiyah, G. Beauchamp, Y. Bentur, M. C. Beuhler, K. L. Boyle, R. E. Bruccoleri, M. M. Burns, A. Cahana, R. D. Cannon, E. M. Caravati, J. L. Carey, N. Chhabra, J. Chomin, M. R. Christian, K. Conner, M. D. Cook, K. L. Cumpston, V. Dissanayake, W. H. Dribben, B. H. Eisenga, K. M. Engebretsen, D. Falkowitz, A. Farkas, A. Fenton, B. A. Froberg, J. F. Furmaga, M. Ganetsky, F. Garlich, A. J. Geib, R. Gorodetsky, S. Greene, H. A. Greller, D. D. Gummin, K. Hart, R. G. Hendrickson, S. Hernandez, A. F. Manini, R. Olmedo. Journal of Medical Toxicology

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Dr. Olmedo has not yet completed reporting of Industry relationships.

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