Mihaela Skobe, PhD
img_Mihaela Skobe
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences
Research Topics
Cancer, Chemokines, Growth Factors and Receptors, Lymphangiogenesis, Metastasis
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Cancer Biology [CAB], Immunology [IMM]

Main research focus is on deciphering the interplay between the lymphatic vasculature and cancer cells, whose interaction is important in cancer progression and metastasis. The presence of metastases in the lymphatic system is strongly correlated with negative patient prognosis, and for most cancers lymph node status is one of the key criteria for determining the stage of cancer progression. Our research addresses a fundamental question in cancer biology - why is lymphatic metastasis associated with the progression of the disease and reduced patient survival? There are two broad areas of interest: (1) understanding the factors which control lymphatic metastasis and (2) understanding the molecular mechanisms which control lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic function in health and disease. Current research includes studies of (i) lymphangiogenesis, (ii) the lymphatic vascular niche and its influence on metastasis, (iii) mechanisms of tumor dissemination through the lymphatic system, and (iv) the role of lymphatic endothelium in immunoregulation, among others. Elucidating the molecular basis of metastasis is key for the development of new approaches to diagnose and treat metastatic disease. Furthermore, understanding the mechanisms that control the growth and function of the lymphatic vasculature has important implications towards a vast array of diseases that exhibit lymphatic vessel abnormalities.


Laboratory Personnel

Mirela Matokanovic, PhD (postdoctoral fellow)

Benedicte Lenoir, PhD (postdoctoral fellow)

Anita Rogic, MS (research associate)

BS, University of Zagreb

PhD, German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg and University of Darmstadt

Postdoc, Harvard Medical School and Massachussetts General Hospital

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