Kiran Girdhar, PhD
img_Kiran Girdhar
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Genetics and Genomic Sciences

Selected Publications

Lineage specific 3D genome structure in the adult human brain and neurodevelopmental changes in the chromatin interactome. Samir Rahman, Pengfei Dong, Pasha Apontes, Michael B. Fernando, Roman Kosoy, Kayla G. Townsley, Kiran Girdhar, Jaroslav Bendl, Zhiping Shao, Ruth Misir, Nadia Tsankova, Steven P. Kleopoulos, Kristen J. Brennand, John F. Fullard, Panos Roussos. Nucleic Acids Research

Neuroimmune Mechanisms of Opioid Use Disorder and Recovery: Translatability to Human Studies, and Future Research Directions. Eduardo R. Butelman, Rita Z. Goldstein, Chinwe A. Nwaneshiudu, Kiran Girdhar, Panos Roussos, Scott J. Russo, Nelly Alia-Klein. Neuroscience

Population-level variation in enhancer expression identifies disease mechanisms in the human brain. Pengfei Dong, Gabriel E. Hoffman, Pasha Apontes, Jaroslav Bendl, Samir Rahman, Michael B. Fernando, Biao Zeng, James M. Vicari, Wen Zhang, Kiran Girdhar, Kayla G. Townsley, Ruth Misir, Andrew Chess, Attila Gulyás-Kovács, Bibi Kassim, Eva Xia, Joseph D. Buxbaum, Laura Sloofman, Lizette Couto, Mariana Amaro, Marina Iskhakova, Michael Breen, Olivia Devillers, Schahram Akbarian, Shan Jiang, Steven P. Kleopoulos, Yixian Ma, Yungil Kim, Sabina Berretta, Ajeet Mandal, Barbara K. Lipska, Francis McMahon, Pavan K. Auluck, Stefano Marenco, Kelsey S. Montgomery, Mette A. Peters, Solveig K. Sieberts, Chang Gyu Hahn, Raquel Gur, Jiebiao Wang, Bernie Devlin, David A. Lewis, Lambertus Klei, Enrico Domenici, Michele Filosi, Kristen J. Brennand, Vahram Haroutunian, Georgios Voloudakis, John F. Fullard, Panos Roussos. Nature Genetics

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