John Cijiang He, MD, PhD
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PROFESSOR | Medicine, Nephrology
PROFESSOR | Pharmacological Sciences
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Nephrology, Internal Medicine
Research Topics
Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Kidney, Signal Transduction, Systems Biology
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Disease Mechanisms and Therapeutics (DMT)
Role of HIPK2 in kidney fibrosis

We have identified that HIPK2 plays a key role in kidney fibrosis. We are studying the mechanism of HIPK2 in mediating kidney fibrosis and try to identify potential anti-fibrosis therapy by targeting HIPK2. Please visit the He Laboratory.

Pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease

We are studying the role of advanced glycation endproducts (AGE) and oxidative stress in podocyte injury and diabetic kidney disease. We are studying the role and the post-translational regulation (acetylation) of key transcription factors such as FOXO, NF-kB and Stat3 in mediating podocyte injury and diabetic kidney disease.

Pathogenesis of HIV-Associated Nephropathy

We are studying the role of HIV viral protein in the development of HIV-associated nephropathy. The role and signaling pathways of HIV Nef have been studied in kidney podocytes. We are also investigating the mechanism of chronic HIV infection on the progression of other kidney diseases such as diabetic nephropathy and hypertensive kidney disease.

Using systems biology approach to study kidney disease

We are using systems biology approach to study cell signaling and gene transcription networks in kidney disease. We are studying the transcriptome, epigenome and proteome in injured podocytes and diseased kidney. We are using systems pharmacology approach to identify new drug targets or therapy for kidney disease.

Podocyte Biology and Pathology

We are studying the signaling network that mediates podocyte differentiation and injury using both in vitro and in vivo models. We are studying the relationship between mechanical force, morphology, and chemical signals and their role in maintaining normal podocyte differentiation status. We are studying the mechanism of podocyte injury in diabetic kidney disease and HIV-associated nephropathy. We are studying how retinoic acid could repair podocyte injury through induction of differentiation and regeneration process.

MD, Shanghai 2nd Medical School

MD, St. George's School of Medicine

MS, University of Paris VII

Rui-Jin Hospital, Shanghai 2nd Medical School

Tenon Hospital

PhD, University of Paris VII

Tenon Hospital

SUNY Health Science Center

SUNY Health Science Center

The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Residency, Internal Medicine, State University of NY Health Science Center/Brooklyn

Fellowship, Nephrology, National Cancer Institute, NIH

Fellowship, Nephrology, Mount Sinai Hospital


American Board of Internal Medicine

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Company Founder:

  • Rila Therapeutics, Inc


  • AstraZeneca

Equity (Stock or stock options valued at greater than 5% ownership of a publicly traded company or equity of any value in a privately held company)

  • Rila Therapeutics, Inc
  • RenalytixAI

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  • Japan Kidney Council
  • Chinese Medical Society of Nephrology

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