Helene Salmon, PhD
img_Helene Salmon
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences
Research Topics
Anti-Tumor Therapy, Dendritic Cells, Imaging, Immunology, T Cells, Trafficking, Translational Research

Master, Ecole Normale Supérieure

PhD, Paris-Descartes University (Paris V)


Robin Chemers Neustein Award


Cancer Research Institute (CRI) Irvington Postdoctoral Fellowship


Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer (ARC) Postdoctoral Fellowship


Ph.D. Thesis Prize

Cochin Institute, Paris


Selected Publications

A druggable copper-signalling pathway that drives inflammation. Stéphanie Solier, Sebastian Müller, Tatiana Cañeque, Antoine Versini, Arnaud Mansart, Fabien Sindikubwabo, Leeroy Baron, Laila Emam, Pierre Gestraud, G. Dan Pantoș, Vincent Gandon, Christine Gaillet, Ting Di Wu, Florent Dingli, Damarys Loew, Sylvain Baulande, Sylvère Durand, Valentin Sencio, Cyril Robil, François Trottein, David Péricat, Emmanuelle Näser, Céline Cougoule, Etienne Meunier, Anne Laure Bègue, Hélène Salmon, Nicolas Manel, Alain Puisieux, Sarah Watson, Mark A. Dawson, Nicolas Servant, Guido Kroemer, Djillali Annane, Raphaël Rodriguez. Nature

Selective STING stimulation in dendritic cells primes antitumor T cell responses. Bakhos Jneid, Aurore Bochnakian, Caroline Hoffmann, Fabien Delisle, Emeline Djacoto, Philémon Sirven, Jordan Denizeau, Christine Sedlik, Yohan Gerber-Ferder, Frédéric Fiore, Ramazan Akyol, Carine Brousse, Robert Kramer, Ian Walters, Sylvain Carlioz, Hélène Salmon, Bernard Malissen, Marc Dalod, Eliane Piaggio, Nicolas Manel. Science immunology

Spatial Positioning and Matrix Programs of Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Promote T-cell Exclusion in Human Lung Tumors. John A. Grout, Philemon Sirven, Andrew M. Leader, Shrisha Maskey, Eglantine Hector, Isabelle Puisieux, Fiona Steffan, Evan Cheng, Navpreet Tung, Mathieu Maurin, Romain Vaineau, Lea Karpf, Martin Plaud, Anne Laure Begue, Koushik Ganesh, Jérémy Mesple, Maria Casanova-Acebes, Alexandra Tabachnikova, Shilpa Keerthivasan, Alona Lansky, Jessica Le Berichel, Laura Walker, Adeeb H. Rahman, Sacha Gnjatic, Nicolas Girard, Marine Lefevre, Diane Damotte, Julien Adam, Jerome C. Martin, Andrea Wolf, Raja M. Flores, Mary Beth Beasley, Rachana Pradhan, Soren Muller, Thomas U. Marron, Shannon J. Turley, Miriam Merad, Ephraim Kenigsberg, Hélène Salmon. Cancer Discovery

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