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Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry
Research Topics
Depression, Imaging, Neurology, Neuromodulation, Neuroscience, Psychiatry
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in Medicine [AIET], Neuroscience [NEU]
Deep Brain Stimulation
Pioneering research which has been heralded as one of the first hypothesis-driven treatment strategies for a major mental illness.

Clinical Trial:
Electrophysiological Biomarkers to Optimize Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression
The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is running a single-center experimental trial of deep brain stimulation (DBS) to the subcallosal cingulate region (Area 25) for treatment resistant depression (TRD). The goal of this study is to refine and optimize this treatment approach using a newly available neuromodulation system (the Medtronic Summit RC+S) that allows brain activity during ongoing therapeutic DBS to be recorded from the brain in real-time. This study will further define brain readouts that track depression recovery, providing novel strategies to monitor and guide treatment and device programming decisions in patients receiving DBS for TRD.
Participating Mount Sinai Programs:
To enroll in the study contact Emma Meyer at 212-241-6539 or dac@mssm.edu.
For more information visit Mount Sinai Clinical Trials.


Electrophysiological biomarkers to Optimize DBS for Depression
Using a newly available bi-directional neuromodulation system that allows live streaming of oscillatory activity at the site of stimulation,
this study will define novel control strategies to guide programming for DBS delivery.
Hope for Depression Research Foundation                
Multimodal Assessment of Deep Brain Stimulation Effects in Treatment Resistant Depression Phase IV
Continued studies of psychophysiological changes during acute and chronic DBS.    

NSF 1822606/1822553                                                                                                                                                                  
CRCNS Collaborative Research: Modeling and Manipulating Dynamic Network Activity in the Brain
This study using Connectome-based Dynamic Network Modeling (CDNM) to examine how interactions between brain macroscale structure and the dynamics of local neural populations leads to the emergence of complex functional networks and the rich repertoire of brain states. The developed CDNMs will be evaluated on abnormal connectomes obtained from patients MDD and subsequently tested in patients undergoing DBS treatment.
Shella Keilholz (PI, Emory)

MD, University of Southern California

Internship, Internal Medicine, LAC-USC Medical Center

Residency, Neurology, Columbia University Neurological Surgery


American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


3nd Annual Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg Research Prize, University of Michigan

University of Michigan


39th TS Srinivasan Endowment Orator, Chennai, India


Johns Hopkins University Society of Scholars, elected

Johns Hopkins University


Steven E. Hyman Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Neuroethics, International Neuroethics Society

International Neuroethics Society


American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected member

American Academy of Arts and Sciences


V. Sagar Sethi Mental Health Research Award

Psychiatric Foundation of North Carolina


National Academy of Inventors, elected member

National Academy of Inventors


Distinguished Service Award, American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association


Robert Wartenberg Award and Lecturer, American Academy of Neurology

American Academy of Neurology


Paul MacLean Award, American Psychosomatic Society

American Psychosomatic Society


Cura Personalis Award, Georgetown University Medical Center

Georgetown University Medical Center


Gold Medal Award, Society of Biological Psychiatry

Society of Biological Psychiatry


American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS, elected fellow

American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS


Joan and Stanford Alexander Annual Award in Psychiatry, Houston, Texas


25th Annual Pasarow Foundation Award, Neuropsychiatry

Pasarow Foundation


Senior Award for Translational Neuroscience, Roche-Nature Medicine

Roche-Nature Medicine


The Raymond Adams Lecturer & Award, American Neurological Association

American Neurological Association, Baltimore


Frontiers in Clinical Neuroscience, Speaker and Award, American Academy of Neurology

Academy of Neurology


Dorothy C. Fuqua Chair of Psychiatric Neuroimaging and Therapeutics, Emory University

Emory University


National Academy of Medicine, elected member

Institute of Medicine


Centenary Lecturer, University of Toronto

University of Toronto, Dept of Psychiatry


Falcone Prize in Mood Disorders Research, NARSAD



Arnold Pfeffer Prize, Society of Neuropsychoanalysis

Society of Neuropsychoanalysis


American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Elected Member

American College of Neuropsychopharmacology


Distinguished Investigator Award, NARSAD



American Neurological Association, Elected Member

American Neurological Association


Sandra Rotman Chair in Neuropsychiatry, University of Toronto

University of Toronto


Litchfield Lecturer, Oxford College UK

Oxford College, England


Gerald Klerman Memorial Award runner-up, NARSAD


FBI Cyber Series - Implications for Next Generation Strategies to Optimize Therapeutic DBS
Examining depression through the lens of the brain | Dr. Helen Mayberg | TEDxEmory
NeuroTechX Webinar#9: New treatments for Depression. Presented by Dr. Helen Mayberg

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  • Nextsense

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