Christopher F Basler, PhD
img_Christopher F Basler
PROFESSOR | Microbiology
Research Topics
Biodefense, Cytokines, Dendritic Cells, Ebola Virus, Infectious Disease, Influenza Virus, Interferon, Interferon Antagonists, Interferon Resistance, Nipah Virus, Viruses and Virology
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Microbiology [MIC]
Basler Lab Website
Specific Clinical/Research Interests: Molecular determinants of virulence of emerging viruses, including Ebola virus and Marburg virus

Administrator: Christine Schwall

Current Students: PhD: Megan Edwards, Benjamin Yen

Postdoctoral Fellows: Alicia Feagins, Priya Luthra, Tshidi Tsibane, Heidi Karttunen, Toni Schwarz

Research Personnel: Matthew Kreitman

Summary of Research Studies:

The filoviruses, Ebola viruses and Marburg viruses, are emerging, zoonotic negative-strand RNA viruses. As the 2014 West Africa Ebola virus outbreak makes clear, the unique virulence and high transmissibility of these viruses makes them unique public health threats.  The Basler lab studies filovirus immune evasion and replication mechanisms with the goals of (1) developing therapeutics that target these mechanisms, (2) determining how these mechanisms contribute to viral pathogenesis and (3) understanding how these mechanisms function in different host species.

PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Mysteries of Ebola

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