Bart S Ferket, MD, PhD
img_Bart S Ferket
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR | Population Health Science and Policy
Dr. Ferket's research focuses on applying quantitative methods to identify the best medical decisions for patient populations and the individual patient. He employs mathematical modeling and computer simulation techniques to estimate health and economic outcomes following healthcare interventions, which can be expected for individual risk profiles based on data from clinical trials, population cohort studies, electronic health records and administrative claims databases. He has performed various decision and prognostic modeling studies to evaluate health benefits, risks and economic outcomes for different chronic, non-communicable disease types with the purpose of a) guiding policy makers in decision making at the population level and b) guiding the individual and his/her physician in selecting the optimal medical option(s). His research particularly concerns: 1) prevention of cardiovascular disease, 2) value of surgical procedures, and 3) utility of novel biomarkers and imaging tests.

MD, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam

MSc, Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences

PhD, Erasmus Medical Center, Erasmus University


Mentored Clinical and Population Research Award

American Heart Association


Selected Publications

Physician services and costs after disclosure of diagnostic sequencing results in the NYCKidSeq program. Asem Berkalieva, Nicole R. Kelly, Ashley Fisher, Samuel F. Hohmann, Monisha Sebastin, Miranda Di Biase, Katherine E. Bonini, Priya Marathe, Jacqueline A. Odgis, Sabrina A. Suckiel, Michelle A. Ramos, Rosamond Rhodes, Noura S. Abul-Husn, John M. Greally, Carol R. Horowitz, Melissa P. Wasserstein, Eimear E. Kenny, Bruce D. Gelb, Bart S. Ferket. Genetics in Medicine

The TeleKidSeq pilot study: incorporating telehealth into clinical care of children from diverse backgrounds undergoing whole genome sequencing. Monisha Sebastin, Jacqueline A. Odgis, Sabrina A. Suckiel, Katherine E. Bonini, Miranda Di Biase, Kaitlyn Brown, Priya Marathe, Nicole R. Kelly, Michelle A. Ramos, Jessica E. Rodriguez, Karla López Aguiñiga, Jessenia Lopez, Estefany Maria, Michelle A. Rodriguez, Nicole M. Yelton, Charlotte Cunningham-Rundles, Katie Gallagher, Thomas V. McDonald, Patricia E. McGoldrick, Mimsie Robinson, Arye Rubinstein, Lisa H. Shulman, Steven M. Wolf, Elissa Yozawitz, Randi E. Zinberg, Noura S. Abul-Husn, Laurie J. Bauman, George A. Diaz, Bart S. Ferket, John M. Greally, Vaidehi Jobanputra, Bruce D. Gelb, Carol R. Horowitz, Eimear E. Kenny, Melissa P. Wasserstein. Pilot and Feasibility Studies

Parent-Reported Clinical Utility of Pediatric Genomic Sequencing. Hadley Stevens Smith, Bart S. Ferket, Bruce D. Gelb, Lucia Hindorff, Kathleen D. Ferar, Mary E. Norton, Nuriye Sahin-Hodoglugil, Anne Slavotinek, Kristen Hasmiller Lich, Jonathan S. Berg, Heidi V. Russell. Pediatrics

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