Alice O Silva(Kamphorst), PhD
img_Alice O Silva(kamphorst)
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR | Oncological Sciences
Research Topics
Anti-Tumor Therapy, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Inflammation, Liver, Lymphocytes, T Cells, Translational Research, Viruses and Virology
Multi-Disciplinary Training Area
Cancer Biology [CAB], Immunology [IMM]
T cell biology

The Kamphorst lab focuses on T cell differentiation with a specific interest on situations of chronic antigen stimulation, such as in cancer. The research program aims to determine how inflammation, costimulation and other factors in the microenvironment influence CD8 T cell differentiation, dysfunction and rescue by immunotherapy. We study the interplay of different signaling pathways with the PD-1 (programmed cell death-1) pathway. To address those questions the lab uses mouse models of chronic viral infection and tumor, as well as analysis of samples from cancer patients. The lab has a deep interest on how adaptive immune responses are modulated and on interventional strategies that can be used to improve human health. Understanding the factors that govern T cell differentiation and function will enable the identification of targetable molecules and pathways to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy.

PhD, Rockefeller University

Postdoc, Emory University

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  • Astrazeneca
  • Rondo Therapeutics, Inc

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